Case Study

An ident that Wilson, Roy and I created for our Network Branding Class Spring 2017 in SCAD  taught by Austin Shaw. All elements used are products by IKEA and for IKEA. We wanted to create a world just full of fun through the products


We created these boards along with a full animation in 2 weeks. There were part and pieces which we felt that it was unsuitable and not

cohesive with the whole brand package. We left it aside and all went for our internships, hoping that when we come back, we would have

the experience to improve it.


Some elements were remade to feel grounded, while some retain the idea of floating which produced a light and happy feeling.

Glass materials were used to make it feel like a modern period. Since its a happiness "factory", there were more conveyor belts used in the

ident. Right before the lockup, we used a door to welcome the letter E, presenting the idea of hospitality.

Hal Heah, Roy Kang, Wei-shen Wang


Roy Kang, Wei-Shen Wang


Roy Kang


Chai Lin Lee